Say Goodbye to Plantar Fasciitis

Eliminate plantar fasciitis and heel pain in as little as 1 week.

Plantar fasciitis is not a life sentence.

No more bandaids. Eliminate your plantar fasciitis by identifying and

addressing the real ROOT CAUSE of your pain.

  • Learn WHY the pain is happening so it stops feeling scary.

    That pain signal you're feeling? Your body is trying to ASK FOR YOUR HELP. The good news is, YOU can absolutely help your body starting RIGHT NOW.

  • Start getting out of pain today with a few simple tools and techniques.

    Hint: You’ve got most of what you need in your house or local gym already 😉.

  • Get a crash course on fascia.

    Fascia is the most abundant tissue in the human body, and a key player in plantar fasciitis.

  • Discover the physiological aspects of plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

    There are a few different variations and you'll figure out which one you're experiencing so you can target it effectively.

  • Discover why PF is happening to you.

    I'll walk you through how to assess your habits and activities to better identify how you got PF in the first place. When you understand why it's happening, the pain stops feeling scary.

  • Follow a step-by-step plan

    I'll guide you through a step-by-step plan to get out of pain through targeted fascial release techniques.

  • Learn key lifestyle and activity hacks.

    These hacks will put you on a path to eliminating plantar fasciitis for good.

I was training for the Boulder Bolder 10k race this past spring and developed a case of Plantar fasciitis in my arches and ankles. After just a few sessions the pain I was experiencing disappeared completely and I ran that race well. This form of bodywork is for those seeking effective change and transformation.

Roger W.

Last July I tweaked a ligament under my right foot and it’s taking FOREVER to heal. After a second podiatrist apt where they told me orthotics would solve the issue (and I was skeptical), Elisha and I started experimenting with different target areas. Today my foot feels fantastic (not 100% but damn close), even after playing tennis on it for 2 hours.

JB Brockman

Elisha has been a godsend. Her work and her approach to healing is brilliant. She has been the only health practitioner who helped me heal the root of various pains in my body stemming from generally from years of athletics, thus eliminating it permanently. Before Elisha I didn't know you could actually live without pain.

Ben Kaplan

Materials Needed

  • A soft or medium-density foam roller.

    Stay away from knobby, grooved or really hard rollers.

  • A lacrosse ball.

    This is the only ball that will work for our purposes.

  • A wood rolling pin or mobility stick.

    A wooden french rolling pin (without handles) works best.

  • An armless chair.

    You could use a bench as well, but either way it needs to have moderate (not excessive) cushioning.

  • A weight plate.

    This needs to be 25lbs or more.

  • A partner.

    This is optional for the bonus technique, so if you have someone who loves you and wants your feet to feel happy, give them a heads up.

  • A yoga mat.

    At least 1/2" thick is best for our purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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